Personal Injury

Being injured in an accident that was not your fault is bad, but when that accident was caused by negligent behavior, it is worse because you know that the accident did not need to happen at all. Under personal injury laws, people who have been hurt due to negligence in vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, substandard medical care/malpractice or when a piece of equipment was defective have legal rights to be compensated. You should not have to bear the additional financial injury on top of any physical, mental or emotional injuries from that accident.

Mauldin & Bennett

Tulsa, OK, attorneys at Mauldin & Bennett are exceptionally skilled at helping injured people find justice and get monetary compensation for accident-related expenses and losses. We have won millions of dollars in settlements for our clients after they were injured in accidents caused by negligent behavior.

Drivers who are fatigued, texting, or just not paying attention cause harm to others that could have been avoided. Manufacturers who do not have good quality control put defective products into the marketplace that later fail, such as tire blowouts or brake failures, cause injuries and deaths. An employer or medical caregiver who does not meet acceptable standards of care harm others in many ways, such as not providing adequate safety equipment or meeting expected standards of health care.

Tulsa Injury Lawyers

Our Tulsa Injury Lawyers are knowledgeable about all phases of personal injury cases, including criminal defense and prosecution. We always focus on you and your case in order to get you the best possible outcomes of justice and fair compensation. Do not discuss your case with anyone but our Tulsa Injury Lawyers; insurance company representatives will not have your best interests as a priority because they only want to save money for their company.

Tulsa Personal Injury

Personal injury accidents often have dreadful consequences. The injured person may be disabled temporarily or permanently and unable to work or return to their job. Disability results in loss of income and other problems in the future finding work. You may incur the financial stress of new expenses for:

  • High medical care costs
  • Long-term care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Psychological or physical therapy treatments

With severe injuries or loss of limbs, you may be unable to continue your current lifestyle enjoyment or even do normal physical activities. Head, neck and spine injuries are common causes of physical disability or paralysis. Survivors of accident victims who suffer wrongful death can seek compensation for their loss of companionship, guardianship, future inheritance and burial/funeral costs.

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