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Most of us move through the phases of our lives without giving thought to the necessity of legal counsel. However at some point in our journey the rules of a civilized society may dictate the necessity of legal advice. When that time arrives, you need to know that there is a law firm you can trust with your life’s troubles. The attorneys of Mauldin & Bennett, PLLC will fight alongside you to make sure your rights are protected.

If you live or conduct business in the Tulsa metro area, Tulsa County and surrounding counties or Oklahoma in general, the law firm you need is Mauldin & Bennett, PLLC. We are a small firm that cares about client satisfaction. When you retain an attorney with your hard earned dollars you deserve, and have the right to expect, quality professional service. We practice transparency—when you telephone your attorney, you speak directly to your attorney. If the attorney is unavailable, your call is returned in a timely manner. When you visit our offices, we do not bill you in 15 minute increments and rush you out the door before that quarter hour passes, we take the time to listen to and understand your concerns. We respond with sensible, down-to-earth legal advice, explained in clear and common language that you can understand, which in turn allows you to make an informed decision about your legal options that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Our practice is focused in the areas of law that are likely to affect your life in general—family law and divorce, adoption, business law and criminal defense. Regardless of where you are in life’s journey, we can provide the legal assistance of which you find yourself in need. In the strife and friction of today’s society, there is still a place where you can take your burdens and place them in the capable hands of a person you know and trust.  Call us today.

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What could be better than free?!   At Mauldin & Bennett, PLLC your first visit with us is always free. There is no commitment to hire us, no high pressure sales pitch, and most importantly there is NO COST. One of our experienced Tulsa attorneys will sit down with you to discuss your legal problem...

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At Mauldin & Bennett, PLLC we base our practice on five key principles of quality legal representation.  Here is what you can expect from us: Access to Affordable Representation We offer FREE, no obligation consultations on all legal issues.  During the consultation we will assess your legal needs and offer you the best payment option...