5 Principles of Legal Representation

4484676728_64fb95cabb_zOur practice is based on the five key principles of quality legal representation

1) Access to Affordable Representation – We offer FREE, no obligation, consultations on all legal issues.  During the consultation we will assess your legal needs and offer you the best payment option to fit those needs.  Some cases may be handled at no upfront cost to you.

2) Communication – Communication is paramount in any good relationship.  It is our promise to communicate with you so that we can understand fully the facts.  Understanding the facts is a crucial (and often overlooked) step in effective representation.    In addition, we promise to provide you with timely updates as to all progress made with your case.

3)  Education – We will provide you with information as to all aspects of your legal issue.  We believe that informed clients are better able to assist in their own representation.

4) Experience and Reputation – The attorneys of Mauldin & Bennett have the varied and diverse legal experience required to handle your legal problems.  We have an impeccable representation in the legal community because of our fair treatment to our clients and counsel.

5) Diligent and Zealous Representation – Most importantly you can count on us to advocate for you.  We never do “just enough” but instead we apply our experience, knowledge of the facts and law, and reputation to achieve the greatest possible benefit for you.